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We do end to end home renovation's --  located in Toronto  GTA

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We offer a vast selection of designs so you'll have your pick of styles, colors, materials and finishes. 
We take the hassle out of remodeling. You work with one company start to finish.

Hardwood  Floors
When you choose Toronto Cabinet's Hardwood Flooring and renovation, we will help you create the project  of your dreams - Floor types include: 
  Unfinished Oak Flooring Solid Prime Grade Unfinished Oak Flooring 114mm - Brushed and Burned Unfinished French Oak Flooring - Solid Oak Flooring Overlay Strips Unfinished 9 x 70mm - Solid unfinished rustic American White Oak flooring - 20mm x 150mm. - 120mm and 140mm Solid Oak - Unfinished Prime Grade Oak 160mm x 20mm - Unfinished Rustic American White Oak Narrow Plank 89mm - Unfinished Unbevelled and Unfilled Rustic Oak - Rustic Oak Structure flooring 200mm Ash Flooring Engineered Eco Friendly 3-strip Ash Family Click System - Engineered Eco Friendly 2-strip Ash Select Clickfit - Engineered FSC 3-strip Family Ash Clickfit - Engineered Eco Friendly White Oiled Ash Clickfit - Engineered Eco Friendly 3-strip Select Ash ClickSystem - Eco Friendly Planked Ash Premium Select Clickfit Engineered wood flooring - Engineered Eco Friendly 2-Strip Select Ash Clickfit Bamboo Flooring Bamboo Horizontal Carbonized Lacquered 15 x 96mm - Bamboo Vertical Natural Lacquered 15 x 96mm - Bamboo Horizontal Natural Lacquered 15 x 96mm - Bamboo Vertical Carbonized Lacquered 15 x 96mm Beech Flooring Engineered Eco Friendly 3-strip honey Beech Clickfit Flooring - Beech Natural Unfinished Strip Sports Floor - Engineered Eco Friendly 3-strip Select Beech Clickfit Flooring - Engineered Eco Friendly 3-Strip Premium Select Beech Clickfit Flooring - Engineered Eco Friendly 3-strip Click fit Exclusive Beech Flooring - Engineered Eco Friendly 3-Strip Family Beech Clickfit Flooring - Junckers Beech Soul Collection solid wood flooring- £45.00 sqm-8 Colour stains - Prelacquered Solid Beech Flooring 83mm Birch Flooring Cherry Birch Prelacquered Rustic Grade 127mm solid wood flooring Cherry Flooring Solid Unfinished Cherry 114mm - Solid Unfinished Cherry 140mm solid wood flooring - Lacquered Solid Cherry Rustic 120mm Hevea Flooring Hevea Real Wood Flooring Maple Maple Sportsfloor 57mm - Unfinished Solid Maple Wood Flooring (20mm x 83mm) - Solid Maple flooring lacquered 120mm - Maple Sportsfloor 57mm - Strips Maple First Grade - Maple Natural 127mm - Maple Sportsfloor 83mm

We take the hassle out of remodeling. You work with one company from start to finish.
No matter how unique you want your home to be, we at toronto cabinet  are here to help. When you are ready to move forward with your remodeling project, email or fax the scope of the project to us. We will generate a  remodeling  Estimate for you and email back in 24 - 72 hours. All other estimates will be provided within 9 days . We provide stunning basement solutions to suit your taste, whether you prefer simple looks or more ornate designs.



Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring brings the natural outdoors inside and is ideal for those who want the warmth and beauty of a real wood floor. As it is a natural product every hardwood floor installed will be individual and different from the next. Hardwood is graded into three different grades, Rustic, Nature and Prime. While the grades offer no benefits in terms of durability and quality the each grades differs in terms of appearance. Here you can read more about the different hardwood grades.

Most now come prefinished with oil or lacquer direct from the factory. The advantage with this is a better looking and more hardwearing finish to the floor as in the factory they will apply on average 6 coats of finish compared with only 2 coats when the floor is finished onsite. Hardwood flooring is available as a complete solid floor or as an engineered floor and a well installed and maintained hardwood floor will last for many years and is a true long term investment.

Oak Flooring

As part of our solid wood flooring range we offer you a choice of oak flooring that includes solid black oak flooring and oak flooring that is pre-finished with lacquer or oil. One main of the benefits of oak flooring is that it is usually nailed to the sub floor for stability - although we also carry the Junckers & Berthold range of floating flooring systems if you're not ready for a permanent flooring. Available in timbers with beveled edges and differing widths, our oak flooring is flexible enough to create the exact look you're after with a professional finish every time.

Solid oak flooring is also a popular choice due to its durability and hardwearing properties. If the flooring is subject to heavy traffic, oak flooring can be sanded, refinished or re-coated numerous times and as a result can always look new and fresh.

Laminate Flooring

An excellent choice of DIY flooring for those with little time, laminate flooring mimics the look traditional wood flooring. Constructed of a resin-based melamine it is able to prevent stains and endure extreme wear. This system is constructed without glue and simply clicks together, saving on mess and time. An excellent option for high traffic areas, all our laminate flooring systems are easy to install, affordable and durable.

Wood Flooring

Any choice of solid wood flooring is a long-term investment in your home as each piece is cut from one piece of timber. This cut gives the wood flooring a uniform appearance and even goes a long way to improving the overall stability of the structure of your home.

Solid wood flooring systems use more expensive woods on top of a pre-constructed base. Cheaper woods are used to make up the bulk of each piece to save you money while the hardwood finish layer gives it a beautiful finish. Engineered wood flooring pieces are cut from a number of timber piles, with a three tiered structure of timber types giving the flooring its stability.

Before you begin installing any new flooring system, you must first consider which type of subfloor you currently have. If you are considering a DIY flooring for example you should be aware a floating system can be installed on most types of subfloors. When installing oak flooring or any other type of solid wood flooring system however you will need a concrete or plywood sub floor before work can begin.

Looking For More Information On Remodeling?

Flooring  is a great investment and will add greatly to your home equity and selling price. You'll want to make sure you are choosing the right remodeler for your house and your budget.  Oak floors installed from $4.79 / sq ft.
 Contact  us at 416 833 8084 for further information.
We are easy to find in Toronto area, and service Scarborough Markham North York Etobicoke Richmond Hill Vaughan in the GTA Ontario Canada.
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Job Completion:
Your inspection of the finished job is very important. The lead installer will review the installation with you, answer any questions you may have and ask for payment of the final balance due for your project.




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